Professional Services Automation for
Event and Experience Marketing Agency
(海知见EventPSA 会展专业服务自动化系统)
Speed up customer onboarding.Increase Visibility on budgets &projects.
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We build an end-to-end PSA system for our clients.
The leading organizations adopting PSA achieve :
  • 48% higher revenue growth over the last three years
  • 18% higher average annual revenue by consultant
  • 12% increase in gross margin for overall operations
  • 12% increase in project gross margin
  • 8% higher average billable rate
  • 5% higher average rate realization
Source: Technology Professional Services Association 2010 Member Technology Survey
Common Customer Challenges:
plagued by porjet delays and customer satisfaction issues
Frequent Onboarding Project Delays
70% of customer onboarding projects are delivered late and over budget*
Lack of Onboarding Program Visibility
Identifying how customers are Progressing and spotting burning issues is a struggle
Delays Lead to Cost Overruns
90% of costs from delays are absorbed by the service provider*
Scope Creep Derailing projects
Projects go off track when customers do not understand the impact of requested changes
(*source:Smartsheet Survey,July 2017)
项目会计(Project Accounting)
  • 项目预算/Budgeting
  • 费用报销/Reimbursement
  • 发票管理/Invoice
资源管理(Resource Management)
  • 技能管理/Skill
  • 工时与费用管理/Time & Expense
  • 供应商/采购管理/Vendor & Purchase
项目管理(Project Management)
  • 项目规划/Planning
  • 项目执行/Execution
  • 项目控制/Controlling
  • 客户与联系人/Client & Contact
  • 线索与商机/Lead & Opportunity
报表与分析(Reporting & Analysis)
  • 财务分析/供应商
  • 客户分析/项目分析
  • 资源利用率
  • 人员考核等
  • customized
  • modules
  • ...
We are proud of providing the leading PSA solution for our clients based on our passion and capability in software and professional services. We hope the PSA system will help you achieve more business success.
Larry Qian
Founder & Chief Product Officer
Cambridge MBA
Held positions in IBM, Oracle and Hewlett-Packard