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Oceanus is a brand & digital agency driven by brand, content and technology, with a global edge.
We Are A Creative Digital Agency
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Marketing Services and Products
Social Listening
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Social Media Analysis
Discover and Analyze People
  • Discovering potential customers
  • Analyzing customer behavior
Content Marketing
  • Sina Weibo Operation
  • WeChat Operation
  • Art design
  • Video production
  • Website development
  • Translation
  • HTML5 creation
Automation – Convert Leads & Close Deal
  • Landing Page
  • EDM
  • Multi-Channel Campaign
  • Webinar
  • Lead Management
  • CRM
  • Social CRM
Integration – Marketing & Sales Cloud
  • CRM Integration Plug-in
  • E-Commerce Integration Plug-in
  • Customer Care Integration Plug-in
  • Customized Integration Plug-ins
Digital Experiences Strategically Engineered To Perform
B2B clients:
B2C clients:
Thought Leadership